Monday, November 23, 2009

About Me

heh heh. this is what I was working on lately because of something I found on Dana's laptop. Because of what I read, I knew more about her and learned many new things. This is my "about me"...

About Me:

What can i say... I don't understand myself, but then again who does? I"m taller than your typical Asian male, and I don't wear glasses. Surprises me though because I use to play alot of video games as a kid, super close to the tv too. Hell, I still am an avid gamer. I have learned many instruments, and learned to play it well enough, but always quit in the middle of learning it. I talk in a calm manner and hates loud people, often never heard but I'll speak up so you can hear me.

I am fairly good at math and english, but science needs to get the hell away from me. I have many many dreams and high hopes of success, in terms of poker of course. I will never amount to the stereotypical asian parents dream of their son/daughter being a doctor or lawyer. I like to work hard most of the time because in the end I know what i did paid off. Does it always pay off? na. I walk extremely fast in the sidewalk, get the hell away if you're planning to look at scenery and talk it up while walking slowly. I blow my money on anything that sparks my interest at the moment. I don't really care if I'm successful(poker exception!); I just wanna be happy.

I have a tattoo on my forearm with something from my favorite past time/degenerate hobby, though it means more than what you see. I rarely change my hairstyle at all, I am just too lazy to style it in any way. My favorite color is black and white. simplicity at its best. My favorite game is poker, sit down, gimme your money, reload repeat. My music volume will be loud enough to drown your voice out but not loud enough to hurt my ears. I am ALWAYS playing with my iPhone, I had to change to unlimited text messages because I do so. I usually do my homework last minute, like... 1 hour prior to turning it in last minute. I never talk back to teachers because I respect everyone's professions. I may have my body in the seat in class, but my mind is often somewhere else or sleeping. What do I do instead of sleeping at night? Chat, browsing the web, blogging... there's always good things to write at 2am. I love chocolate and hell I even can admit I admire flowers every now and then. I prefer cash, cookies and cream ice cream, and San Francisco Giants.

I can stay up for days on end, believe me I have done so before. Don't get me wrong though, i LOVE to sleep... when I do I hibernate. I enjoy bus/train/car rides, just as long as it's empty/not crowded within 10 ft of me. I don't have a favorite store because I love online shopping, because hell, there's just more out there in the interwebs. My favorite weather is hot weather but not to the point where I can't freaking breathe. One day , when things are stable in life and things go right, I want to really pay my mom back for all she's done. Also, have disposable income so I can satisfy my poker cravings, and even then I'm out to destroy the competition and win. I drink anything, soda, water, alcohol, you name it I'll probably drink it. I want to kill all bugs in the world and pigeons too, they are nothing but parasites to humans. Then again humans are a parasite on earth.. meh whatever. I hate losing and failing at what I have my mind set on doing. I. HATE. FAILURE. But if you fail it's ok. I can make a lie/illusions into reality because I will be very consistent with it and I have a great memory... so don't try to lie to me or tell me contradictions because I'll pick up on it instantly.

I always have to know what time it is, because I have my phone on me ALL the time. I'm secretly a perv, but no one knows about that because I'm really a nice guy. I hate people who don't know how to drive and signal. I also hate bikers who don't respect drivers and blame others if they're the one at fault. WHY would you seriously zoom downhill on a bike crowding the lanes when you're all suppose to "share". I can't swim I would seriously be dead on the spot in deep water. I can't do much on wheels either... like roller blade, skateboard, bike, scooter but I can drive. I have a broken family but that's ok, who doesn't nowadays. I'm jealous of those who are my age and already have graduated because it reminds me of how much I've slacked off, but in a way it's also a motivation to finish school ASAP. I've lost friends, I've gained more in place of them. I am competitive and extremely prideful when it comes to representing a school or company for work. I defend the honor of what I represent, and try to make them the best of the best. Competition keeps me alive and gives me a goal.

I can walk all day and night then sit at a park till morning and then repeat. Just to think about life, make fun of passer-bys, or just bake in the sun. I am a picky eater. I hate seafood and vegetarian meals. Give me a book to read and I'll burn it, unless it's poker related. I like girls based on their personality, looks are a bonus too of course but it's never the first thing I notice(ok maybe I lie a little here, but hell it IS typical of us humans to judge by looks on first sight). I like originality, but throw in a curveball and twist here and there too please. Of course I want someone in my life, but when an opportunity comes, I run because of my past. It took me many MANY and I meant MANY years to finally get over it and accept that it was over. I can't use the excuse that I'm too busy for a relationship because things like this? We have to make time. I always wanted to be in love but I am afraid of the consequences if it goes bad. I'm not an artist, writer, or genius, but I am a believer. I believe that one day everything will be alright.

My message to someone: No more running. Let’s just take things day by day and never worry about consequences. Because if we are afraid of the end before anything even starts, then it's already over in my mind.

I truly believe in this, do you?

I think for me… I had the same mentality for your last few line before I met you... and now.. I know everyday will be alright in the end because I have you.