Friday, May 9, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


HA! there IS justice in this world... i just caught a thief and i ripped the shit outta her bag HAHAHA it feels so good knowing that i caught i thief that was stupid enough to walk near the store after she got away/slipped away from me... once i saw her walk by i was like ok fuck this im gonna stop u and search u... and sure enough there was the hello kitty crap in her bag IN A SECRET COMPARTMENT WTF!!!

it felt so good finding our shit and hot topic's shit in there too... and i just grabbed it all and returned it to where they are suppose to be.. including hot topic's stuff... man that felt SO good... JUSTICE....

Monday, May 5, 2008


if anything, thats my face towards everything right now haha... been up for 3 days in a row... its pretty fuckin epic i gotta say... i twitched in anthro class cuz i fell asleep for 1 second... like literally ONE second... anywaysss... this weekend has been AWWWWWWWWWWWWEsome lkdjfjlsfjldskjf!

Friday - school and work... the usual... then straight up went to play poker at eddy's house from 12:30 am till 7am HAHAHAHA CRAZY...

Saturday - then went to santa clara with oscar and kenson... hustled cards wtf haha... note: this is day one for "no sleep weekend" haha... came back to SF and ate at olive garden... stupid ass ken accidentally left an extra 20 for his own share so we ended up tipping like 40%-50% lol.... that waitress mustve been happy... theeen... went back to eddy's at around 8pm... played poker again, but i left at like 12 to meet up jeff and jason cuz they wanted to do somethin... the night was pretty crazy haha all i know is i went home at 6am... and slept a little bit until 12pm to wake up to get to work...

Sunday - at work, time went by SO fast... and ended up cleaning up hella lot cuz home office is suppose to visit... then after work as i was goin home i ran into my mom... ate dinner with her... then this part just get CRAZY, kenson and nova calls me like hey wanna go to jacksons? im like fuck it lets do it lol... and this is at like 10:30pm on a sunday hahaha.... went and the ride there was really cool.. chattin it up, we all are hella excited... got there around midnight exactly

Monday - Played poker there, yea ken and i got pwned pretty badly... nova broke even on his roller coaster ride lol... from -100 to +3 then back to his original buy-ins haha... drove back around 4 am... got back HOME around 7:30am... got ready for school and im in the computer lab in the library now LOL WUT A WEEKEND EH!!!

its crazy though how im still not crazy yet.. i think O_o.... yea so many people in this comp lab arent even doin work... i bet out of the 70 or so computers, about 75% of the people on them are either on youtube, myspace, facebook, or SOME video site... like 1 out of every 8 computers i see a person ACTUALLY working on an essay or somethin... and of course me being a part of the problem.. is on blogspot doin this shit... lol... its bad cuz theres a long ass line of people waiting to use the computers... but judging from the look of these people, they're probably just gonna myspace and youtube ha....

another thing i wanna pass on is somethin from my buddy seo's clothing brand blog... its called aiyoku... japanese for "passion"... sick name for a brand man.. but anyways.. he asked.. what is passion.. and what is YOUR passion...

What is your passion?

Passion makes you do extraordinary things, things that you never thought you would be doing with your life. Passion is your desire; doing what you want to do, and never having anyone or anything get in your way. Passion is insanity; you do your passion once, you do it over and over and over again. Passion is never limited to just one thing; you can have many passions. With your passion, you must give it your heart and your all.

Oh... and this weekend has made me just SO damn happy... like this has by far been the best week ever... like i actually was relaxed for 3 days... then again it could just be the 5 hrs of sleep in 3 days talkin... cuz im just runnin on pure adrenaline or SOMETHING i dunno... but one thing that made it significant is that i felt SO passionate about just playin poker... its so fun man! like im sure everyone i know is like ah wtf etc.. but it makes me so happy just to play... like in the long run its so profiting to me, but its not just the money.. its just being able to play and chill with my friends on weekends... and definitely the NEED to improve my game each and everyday just to weed out the competition... studying body language, reading people, making statistical bets and calls... thats just the best game ever... and thats MY passion....

blah i missed talkin to laarni this whole weekend... i really really did... i swear i was lookin forward to gettin home sunday night JUST so i can chat with her... but i got convinced to go out haha... i heeelllla wanted to just listen to how her weekend went.. i really like hearing how her day(s) went =D... and share mine with her too... i really cant go a day/night without talkin to her... yea i miss you dork... =[

update this later tonight with a possibility of pictures if i see anything significant... DAMN i wish i had my camera this whole weekend... it wouldve been ALOT of epic shit that i saw hahaha... this shit dragged on longer then i expected... wow lol... niceeeee...

4:30pm pics update!:

haha awesome!
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dude a cashier SPECIFICALLY gave me one of each! hella cool! og to current lol
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I like this haha..
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