Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Late May Statements

The rules are to write statements about people without mentioning their name.

1. I wonder if I could really hold back what I really wanna say to you anymore
2. I keep lying to you but it's only because you don't believe me on anything I say anyway...
3. You and your group seriously looks like they're running in a circle in life with no end anytime soon
4. The pain you're going through is the same thing I go through everyday.. and i mean EVERY damn day...
5. There are so many times where I really wish you were here just so I can have deep talks with you again
6. Bless my soul and give me the strength to focus and be strong...
7. You weird me out, but I'm interested in you... but for immoral reasons...
8. As long as I don't get fired anytime soon, the rest of the team and I will be toughing out all the bullshit right beside you.
9. Yo, we need to talk more!
10. Not gonna give up on you
11. What did I tell you? I told you he was a douchebag and would use you again... just gotta learn the hard way huh?