Saturday, December 27, 2008

Statements time

Well since dorkface did it again... I felt like doin one tooooo

The statements thing:
Write a statement about someone in your life without saying their name.

Usually people aren't allowed to know which one is to them but if some people wanna ask me then I'll truthfully tell you

1. Finally. That's all I can say...
2. I think you're lame as shit cuz you're going nowhere with your life right now
3. As cool as we are I wanna know you in a different way
4. What the hell happened to us?.....
5. You're so lost right now but if only you can open your eyes and appreciate all the good in your life.
6. Get a fucking job foo... But you're so lucky you're winning alot daily at poker you lucksack.
7. Stop assuming so much shit please!
8. I had changed this number 8 statement 6 times.. And deleted it over and over... I can't say it cuz there is too much to say and no one will ever know who it's too I'm serious don't ask.
9. You're miss independent... And that's why I love ya in my life... I haven't used that word in a awhile. And yea I admit I love ya alot in my life and don't take it the wrong way. *No flirt* for real...
10. It's so fun being around you. I miss you being in my daily life.

Ugh getting sleepy for real. And all this was typed on my iphone.. I'll continue later during work break