Wednesday, December 17, 2008


you will find that one perfect person... I guarantee there is a ton of people out there with the same problem and if both you and all those people would stop coming down so hard on yourself and open your eyes just a bit wider you may just spot that one person that makes your heart stop. They just might be right in front of your face all along. Dont give up... and im sure your rollercoaster of a life will shoot up to the top... we all have certain uncomfortable moments on the rollercoaster... the thrill of climbing up... and proper preparation of the upcoming downfalls and random loops and tosses of life... when you go up u, have to go down... we all do and when you get off the ride, just walkaway smiling knowing that you had one HELL of a ride and at least you tried it... Dont give up

ill continue this later tonight at home... no more time on break.