Monday, September 28, 2009

How we met

I guess out of nowhere I decided to write something like this. She also had something like this on her laptop called My Life Story, and I guess I was inspired to do something similar to it because I want to remember all the moments I have had with her.

This is the story about a girl that has made me the happiest I have ever been in… oh I dunno… about 5 years? Everyone is wondering, who is Dana Lo?… everyone was surprised at me having a girlfriend… I guess it IS quite surprising when it comes to me dating someone. After all, I never had another girl after “LSP”. The question: who is she! and of course the most popular one of all: HOW DID YOU GUYS MEET/START… and here it is… just to warn you, it’s pretty detailed and long. So don’t bitch at me if you decide to read it haha…

So around July of 2009, we needed another key holder/supervisor for Sanrio… Usually turning away many many applicants… yes it’s quite selective there. One day a girl comes into the store… an Asian girl, most of our employees (if not all besides me) were of Latin descent. Like many other applicants I wasn’t too wow by the way she came up to me or anything, of course looks can be incredibly deceiving. I usually attempt to browse over their resume and see if anything catches my eye before giving a lame ass speech giving them false hope of being hired and that MAYBE they’ll get a call back.. which they never do by the way. Haha.. sooooo Dana comes into the store one day… a TALL Asian girl wearing all black, nerd/dorky glasses, with a Plaid kitty head handbag. First thing I assumed is that: “eh, it’s just another Hello Kitty fan girl who wants to work at a Sanrio for discounts and such” and then I began to glance at her application…

What I noticed at this point is that she was a former employee of Oakridge Mall Sanrio in San Jose! AND surprisingly, a girl with supervisor experience! After noticing that I quickly glanced up and asked more questions. After knowing more about her past experience at Sanrio, I just told her what I always tell everyone, your resume looks nice, availability looks nice, you might get a call. Though I didn’t realize that Elena decided to actually do it and hire her!

Soon after, her name was on the schedule and I was curious on who the new girl is, not knowing that it was her. When I met her on her first day, I remembered who she was due to her handbag haha… and just to note, I was not interested in her at all when she was hired, but everyone was saying to me: DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL PLEASE! It was an inside joke that refered to a past employee that I ended up liking because I was WOWed by her the moment she walked in one day for her interview but that’s not a story I wanna get into.

So for the first three days of her time at Sanrio I was the one that showed her the ropes on being a lead there. After that I never got to see her much or work with her at all because our school and work schedule is exactly the same and that if she opened one day, I would basically come in when she leaves. I decided to scare my manager by saying things like: “hey say hi to Dana for me!” or “hey Elena, I wanna get to know Dana better *wink wink*” or stuff along those lines but I never ever meant it for real haha…. SO, we have the occasional HI and BYE once in a while when I come in to start/she leaves her shift but nothing ever clicked in my mind that said “hmmm I wanna know this girl more” as far as im concerned she was just another coworker… that soon changed… haha

In August, I began to meet a lot of new people in my life. Particularly one girl that sparked my interest was someone I shall dub: “J”. After meeting J at a one event with other friends, I thought she was pretty cute in her own way and we all had a lot of fun that night. Soon after we all hung out again, and I wanted to get to know her more. Although my intention was to talk to her more, it never happened due to work and my schedule, also me going home hella late all the time and I get tired and just stopped staying up late. I guess I kept putting it off to conversate with this girl and I began to lose that little crush I had haha…

Late August, the day of Adrian’s (my former boss of 3 yrs at Sanrio) wedding reception, I was working 9:30-4pm while Dana came in at 4pm. As I left, I told her if there was anything wrong just call me and ill help you out… this was something I always told other coworkers, nothing special… just cuz I don’t want them to bother Elena, so I suggest to them to contact me first unless its something Manager related… but anyways… after I got off that shift, I decided I had to make it to Adrian’s wedding reception no matter what! I WILL NOT MISS IT FOR THE WORLD! She’s is my Caucasian older sister! So I ended up making it, and around 8:30 or so I get a call from Sanrio, and it was Dana. She was alone at the store because there was no one else closing with her that night, and it just so happens the fire alarm goes off around the mall/in our store. Just to note, false alarms happen extremely frequently at Westfield Mall, if there is a “boy who cried wolf” story for malls, this would be it. She was panicking a little and I reassured her that it happens quite a lot and you shouldn’t worry, and just check around if there’s fire anywhere in our store…. If there isn’t then it’s fine haha… after that little problem was resolved, something just sparked in my head that said, you know what… I kinda wanna chat with this girl some more… so before we hung up, I hesistantly said: “Hey Dana, text me your number so I can have it for emergencies like this or anytime I need something about work ok?” and she agreed to do so after she closed and got off work.

I ended up receiving a text from her saying that HEY it’s her and this is my number. So throughout the rest of the evening at the reception I just decided to chat with her, and we managed to carry on a good conversation for a good hour or more. So from that night all be proceeded to chat every single night via text messages… this lasted for about a good two weeks… now this is where it gets interesting haha… during one of our convos, I mentioned that “hey the first shift we have together is on the 15th of September! We finally will work together for once! Maybe we can hang out after we close cuz I wanna get to know you better.” She gladly agreed that we should… though what happened after was quite unexpected. She mentioned to me on the 7th that I should come visit her at the store, she was working that night and I was off because im always off Mondays… so I had a little free time and decided hey, why not, ill surprise her before she closes.. and it seemed like she was very happy to see me because two of our other coworkers said to me that she was blushing when I came in and was talking to her… haha… and decided to tease her a little about it after I left and told me she was smiling and very happy to see me after all.

The next night, the 8th, I was the one closing and she was off… she decided to drop by during my shift with her friends because she was hanging out downtown and just came to say hi and buy a few things here and there… good to see her… and…. During my break that shift, I was talking to her and found out that she likes to take walks at night by herself… being the nice guy that I am I decided to say things along the lines of: “hey I don’t want you being alone, why don’t you come meet me at the store after I close and I can walk with you and we can chat!” Which we ended up doing… and we went to Huntington park in nob hill area… which is my favorite park of all at night… I found out so much about her that night….and it was just a beautiful (but freakin cold as hell) night and we chatted for well over 2-3 hours there. We finally noticed the time and that we had to catch the last M outbound to State! Luckily we caught a cable car back down to Powell! I decided to bring her back to her dorm just for her to be safe… and ended up having to ride the 91 owl at 1:25am back home. Nothing happened between us that night but just chatting and a hug at the end when I left.

The night after that, the 9th, I was once again closing, and she was off and was gonna be at a concert in japantown. We decided to meet up once again, and I met her friend that went to the concert with her, nice guy. Then I decided to bring her to the Pier/Fisherman’s Wharf area. OH! Just to note, she’s not from San Francisco but has been here time to time from San Jose. She is an SF State student that is dorming there on her first yr of college. I decided that hey, that would be a nice place to bring her around… we caught a cable car just in time heading to the wharf… this was her 2nd time riding it, first time was the previous night… and she loved the views on these rides… being a photography admirer and an artist… she loves these type of things… we walked and talked around the wharf, I showed her Aquatic Park, Gharadelli square, walked by Galileo to see their new NICE ass football field, and during all this time we chatted about our lives, of course my high school life was brought up since we were in this area haha… walked back on polk towards swensens… and we chatted in front of there till the 45 bus to downtown came…

Tracking back a bit, she always had a thing on her AIM status message that said metaphorically, things about fruits. I asked her about it and she didn’t say anything because she didn’t wanna mention it and I didn’t really care about it until it started changing as we hung out and I realized it was a metaphor for guys. As I first entered her life, it said: “I now have 6 fruits :O” After we started chatting a lot and hung out, it said “one of the fruits is starting to ripen :)”
So! During this wait for the 45 I asked her about what that meant. And she refused to talk about it and reveal it to me, but I managed to make her explain to me what it was. Even though I already guessed it correctly in my head that it was indeed about guys that probably are interested in her at the moment/hitting on her, and that I would be that one that is catching her attention haha… and yes I was that stupid fruit. Hahaha… I just wished she didn’t use the term FRUIT. LOL look it up if you dunno what that insult means haha.

I proceeded to find out about the 5 other “fruits” and they all seemed like douchebags to me, so yea… no wonder I was ripe. LOL… in doing so I found out more about her and her past… and I would never be like the guys of her past for sure… I guess during this bus ride I summed up the courage to hold her close to me and hold her hand… she openly accepted it.. =]… again I brought her home to her dorm… managed to catch the last M once again and once again I had to take that same 91 Owl at 1:25 am… and in the end before I left I hugged her, and as we were face to face again she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and ran off.

On the 10th we hung out again, nothing much but just chillin at her dorm, no absolutely nothing happened guys. Don’t think anything of it. Haha

On September 11th, I was working and she had a day off, I knew she was gonna be in Berkeley that night with her friends until 10pm ish.. I get off at around 9pm… and that whole day I just wanted to see her so bad… so I decided to surprise her after work and just pick her up at Berkeley… luckily she WAS still in Berkeley as I headed over there and caught her at the BART stop… just went back to State, and chilled till 12am… now, the whole day I was at work I had her on my mind and was talking to my other co workers about her and how I wanted to make it official but was debating on it, whether if it would seem too soon for us… and I realized it didn’t matter about time and such, our chemistry is good and it felt right, so I decided I’ll do it… and since it was still 9-11 11:50 something I didn’t wanna make it official on THAT specific day, yea call me lame whatever, I just don’t want a 9-11 anniversary ya know? LOL… so I managed to hang out with her till past 12am anyway… and while waiting for the M back downtown, we sat there at the SF state stop and I was ready to ask her to be my girlfriend… my ass managed to stutter and hesitate three fucking times before I could spill it out and asked… Dana how do you feel about me… and us… and where are we at right now in this? And all the answers were basically summed up to this: it feels perfect… and the feelings were mutual, so I was finally able to ask her, and say, hey, let’s make it official then? She smiled and agreed to… 9-12-09 12am-ish.. it was real… and I have never been happier…

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I'm so lucky to have her in my life... =]